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Landscaping Best Practices

Landscaping, Sandy, OR When you work with a credible landscaping company like ours, they will follow strict quality standards, which means:
  • Conducting regular checks of all the living and hardscaping elements
  • Using high-quality fertilizers, eco-friendly pest control products
  • Energy-efficient and water-efficient installations and techniques
  • Using the latest equipment and tools to improve their crew's efficiency
  • Ensuring that the irrigation and drainage systems are in good condition
The company will follow various other landscaping best practices to ensure you receive consistently best results regardless of whether you have a residential or commercial property.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance includes various aspects such as the following:

Landscape Cleanliness

Whether landscape trimmings, trash, or storm debris, they have no use on your premises. Maintaining your curb appeal needs constant cleaning, the first standard of excellence.

Weed-Free Flower Beds and Lawns

In addition to detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your environment, weeds pull nutrients away from valuable plant material. This best practice guarantees a groomed landscape that shows your pride in having a well-maintained property.

Manicured Flower Bed Edges

In addition to being an aesthetic concern, overgrown beds can impede vision, harbor pests, and present safety risks. Pruning with care keeps plant matter in control and within the specified boundaries.

Seasonal Flowers

Bright splashes of color provide contrast and attract the eye to your house. We analyze the design, execution, and compliance with industry standards of all displays.

Uniformly Mulched Beds

Mulch complements many of the aims mentioned above. It inhibits weeds, gives beautiful beds a polished appearance, and helps control soil temperature to provide ideal conditions for those "amazing blooms."

Trimmed and Pruned Shrubs and Trees

This standard is also focused on aesthetics and safety. Risk management requires that trees and plants be kept in order. Overgrown trees and plants are unattractive, and they may also obstruct routes, restrict views, and cause hazardous wind shear. Furthermore, sick, or dead branches may fall and cause injury to a person or their property, making frequent pruning even more crucial.

Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful, healthy lawn is quite welcoming. However, stressed, and dried-out grass is everything but. In addition to becoming a nuisance when it is tracked into nearby buildings, withered grass can render your lawn more prone to diseases and bugs, leading to worse future issues. Most lawn maintenance companies also include lawn care in their plans or packages.

When looking for a company to handle landscape maintenance, check their credentials and standing in the market. Ask them about which services they offer a quote before making your final decision. For information on our landscape maintenance services, write to Golden Eagle Hardscapes, LLC, via this Contact Us online form or call at (503) 975-7083, and we will revert soon.