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Pergolas, Sandy, OR

Property owners these days go for unique features to ensure their property stands out from others. This isn't only in terms of appearance but functionality as well. Homeowners often Google the latest design trends for the interior spaces of their properties and hire reputed professionals to install these various features. While it's critical to ensure the property's interior spaces are well-designed, you cannot skip the exterior.

At Golden Eagle Hardscapes LLC, we have carried out hundreds of pergola installation projects in Portland, OR, and its surrounding areas. We provide residential and commercial clients with comprehensive outdoor living solutions and can carry out the installation of the type of pergola you require. Bear in mind that there are numerous outdoor structures you can opt from, and pergolas, patios, and decks are just a few ways to add shade to the area.

What Are Pergolas, And How Are They Used?

You can significantly enhance the beauty of your outdoor environment by incorporating pergolas into your landscape design. Besides substantially improving the aesthetic appeal of your property, they add to the usefulness of the spaces as well. The addition of vines on this structure will add to the shade, enabling you to use them even when it’s bright outside.

We design these structures specifically to ensure they blend in perfectly with the architectural design of your property. Our team works diligently to guarantee that the design of your pergola is in perfect harmony with those of your yard.

Unique Pergola Designs and Ideas

Based on your specific requirements, we can design the pergolas on your property using various materials, including vinyl, wood, and metal composites. No aspect of your feature is too little for our team while assisting property owners in achieving the desired style. You can have detailed discussions with our team, and they will turn your vision into a reality. We consider various aspects while designing a pergola, which include:

  • The feature’s position
  • Material of the feature, whether vinyl, wood, or aluminum
  • The design and styling of the feature
  • Your input and preferences for the pergola, patio, or deck
  • The budget

We ensure that only premium materials are used in the pergola's construction. Our business caters to customers who want pergolas installed as a new landscaping project or yard remodeling.

Customized Pergola Installation

You can consult with our staff regarding your overall idea and concept of the project, and they will come up with suitable solutions. Our on-site supervisors ensure that the entire project is carried out on time without any hindrances. We will also execute the job within the allotted budget and schedule.

We provide you with the pergola you require. Our crew understands that your house is your haven and that you want each component and installation to be perfect. We consider this while building and installing your outdoor pergola.

For additional information regarding our landscaping services, don't hesitate to get in touch with Golden Eagle Hardscapes LLC through this Online Form or at (503) 975-7083. Our helpful and knowledgeable team is here to help you with all the information you need to get your project started.