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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, Sandy, OR

Some properties have unstable slopes or incorrect grading in their outdoors. If you have these variables on your property and want to install hardscaping components, make sure the ground is stable and level. Water pooling near your home might be caused by grading concerns or slopes on your land that tilt toward the structure.

Installing custom-designed retaining walls is the best method to address these issues. These custom-built walls complement your landscaping while also increasing the appeal and value of your property. Golden Eagle Hardscapes LLC is one of Sandy, OR's most well-known hardscaping companies, and we specialize in retaining wall installation work.

Retaining Wall Plans

Our designers will assess the available space to determine whether retaining wall construction is required to improve the outdoor area's stability and integrity. Our team has worked on various retaining walls design and construction projects throughout the years.

We use various materials to create elegant retaining walls that improve your property's looks while also boosting its safety and usability. Retaining walls are usually built as part of a more significant landscaping project. However, we may recommend their installation if you have water accumulating in areas of your yard or considerable soil degradation in certain areas.

Construction of High-Quality Retaining Walls

Excavation work is usually included in site preparation and leveling. The site will require additional support after excavation. We make sure the area is stable before installing the retaining walls. We exclusively use top-of-the-line retaining wall systems from recognized suppliers. It helps assure the structure's resistance and endurance. Our company uses natural stone, concrete masonry units, brick, etc., depending on our clients' styling preferences and the landscape's aesthetic.

We may install features with built-in benches or planting spaces in addition to typical retaining walls, making them a dual-purpose construction. We can also build retaining walls to separate the levels on tiered landscapes properly. We plan these structures meticulously to provide optimal performance and long-term value.

Local Retaining Wall Installers

We are experienced and competent in all aspects of masonry design and installation. We can help you with retaining wall construction, whether part of a landscape restoration or a new project. We are creative and can develop unique retaining wall plans and layouts to suit your needs. We also warranty all our work, and you can rest assured that we put quality first and get the job done right the first time. When you entrust us with the design and construction of your retaining walls, you can be assured that the structures will be sturdy and long-lasting.

We have worked with various products, and our team is knowledgeable about the latest landscape design trends. You can be sure to get stunning outdoor spaces with solid and attractive retaining wall structures. For additional information regarding these installations, please call Golden Eagle Hardscapes LLC at (503) 975-7083. You can also send us your queries through this Online Form. One of our experts will call you shortly to discuss your requirements for landscape retaining walls. We cater to residential and commercial clients.