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The Benefits of Lawn Care

Lawn Care, Sandy, OR Regarding lawn care, we at Golden Eagle Hardscapes, LLC, often find that homeowners don't realize the full potential of their lawns. Recently, there seems to be some discussion about "getting rid of lawns" and their negative environmental impact. However, we want to ensure that you know all the relevant information.

Here are a few benefits of lawn care:


Appraisers believe that a well-maintained and landscaped lawn increases the value of a home by 7 percent. According to the findings of a recent survey, a home's asking price can increase even by up to 15% when it features attractive and well-maintained landscaping.

Improved Air Quality

A family of four can meet their daily oxygen needs with a 50-by-50-foot well-maintained grass area. Lawns are like giant sponges that soak up all kinds of airborne pollutants, including soot, dust, and CO2, as well as noise. A reduction in weeds means a decrease in weed pollen, which is excellent for those who suffer from allergies.

Water Quality

Regarding rain absorption, healthy lawns outperform plants by four to six times. Lawns help to replenish the water table by absorbing moisture from the air and returning it to the ground. High-quality, maintained lawns infiltrate water 15 times more effectively than patchy lawns with weeds.

Save Money

This one initially might seem illogical. After all, in what way could spend money on professional lawn care help you save cash? For example, consider which equipment, chemical products, and other items you would have to purchase to take proper care of your yard. To save money, you could be better off hiring a contractor who already has all the equipment they need.

Hiring a professional also saves you the expense of having to fix mistakes made due to a lack of experience. Professionals can mitigate lawn treatments that don't work. They can also assist you in preventing the purchase of ineffective products.

Soil Quality

A healthy lawn protects against erosion caused by water or wind, the loss of potential topsoil, and the accumulation of mud and dust inside the home.


No matter how you look at it, a well-kept lawn is calming and pleasing to the eye. Lawns can both soften and reduce the amount of glare that is caused by reflected light.

Consistent Care

Your yard will be regularly maintained if you hire professionals to take care of it. They will arrive each week to complete any necessary tasks. Lawn maintenance professionals typically do far more work in a shorter period than the average homeowner could ever hope to accomplish on their own.

For more information on lawn care benefits, get in touch with Golden Eagle Hardscapes, LLC, via this Contact Us form or give us a call at (503) 975-7083, and we will get back to you within the shortest time possible.