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The Practical Benefits of Water Features in Your Landscape

Water Features, Sandy, OR A landscape needs more than just plants and hardscapes to feel complete. The addition of water features adds life and interest to the yard. Many homeowners opt to install fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and streams in their outdoor spaces to provide visual appeal and a calming ambiance. The pleasant sights and sounds of moving water create an oasis, transforming the space into a scenic backyard retreat.

Whether it's a Japanese stone fountain, koi pond, or babbling brook, we at Golden Eagle Hardscapes, LLC, know from experience that water elements enhance overall landscape design. Incorporating the soothing sounds and views of water brings more depth and tranquility to yards and gardens.

Why Install Water Features in Your Landscape?

Water features provide practical benefits that enhance your home and yard. Here are some of the top reasons to consider incorporating them into your landscape design:

  • Serve as Focal Point - Water is a natural magnet for attention. Ponds, streams, cascades, and fountains make excellent focal points in landscape design. The eye-catching water draws your attention and provides visual interest as the centerpiece of your yard as it creates a serene setting.

  • Drown Out Unwanted Noise - The soothing sounds of a backyard water feature can muffle unwanted neighborhood noise. The white noise-blocking effect provides privacy and tranquil relaxation in your outdoor living space. Trickling ponds, babbling brooks, and cascading fountains all produce natural noise reduction.

  • Improve Air Quality - Water features add humidity and moisture to the air. The water evaporation increases air purification. Moving water also improves air circulation. This air-cleansing effect enhances the time you spend outdoors. It can also benefit indoor air quality if positioned near open doors or windows where the breeze can enter your home.

  • Enhance Ambiance - The sights and sounds of flowing water create a relaxing ambiance for your outdoor oasis. The serenity fosters an appealing space to unwind, entertain, or boost mental well-being. The tranquil vibe enhances the time spent in your yard.

  • Grow Aquatic Plants - Ponds and water gardens allow you to grow beautiful aquatic plants, which is impossible without a water feature. Floating and marginal plants like lotuses, iris, water lilies, and hyacinths add visual interest. You can create a unique ecosystem to enjoy the sights, textures, and scents.

  • Attract Birds and Wildlife - Birds love fresh water for drinking and bathing. Installing a birdbath, fountain, pond, or stream attracts beautiful backyard birds. The sight and sounds of chirping birds enliven your garden. Different water features will attract various species of birds for you to enjoy. Butterflies, frogs, and dragonflies flock to water. Installing a small backyard pond or water garden brings in fascinating, colorful creatures. The wildlife viewing opportunities outside your door provide entertainment and connect you with nature.

  • Add Curb Appeal - The mesmerizing look and sound of water boosts curb appeal. Rushing falls, a pond, an infinity-edge pool, or a bubbling rock fountain give high visibility for guests and passersby. The water feature enhances the beauty of your home's exterior and landscaping.

As you can see, water features have several practical benefits in your landscape.

For information about our water feature design and installations, please call the Golden Eagle Hardscapes, LLC, team on (503) 975-7083. Alternatively, you can email us via this Contact Us form, and we will respond soon.